The red-brown-ale trail (from Monday-Tuesday)

One of the beer traditions is the West Flemish red ale or red-brown ale.
These beers are an important part of today’s gastronomic landscape.
The ‘Round Red-brown’ is the perfect example of how you can find out about the beer traditions of this particular region.

Flemish reds are the most wine-like of beers, in part because of that intimate relationship with wooden barrels. Each foeder is its own eco-system, and no two vats will produce the exact same beer –in contrast to modern production environments. The flavour is as intense, complex and sophisticated as any wine in the same price category.

Each brewery has its own particular methods, according to traditions more than a century old.

In this Beer to Taste tour  you will visit some breweries, will do the foodpairing & red-brown beer between the huge barrels and discover the aforementioned Rodenbach editions. Also you will familiarize yourself with Vanderghinste Oud Bruin, Cuvée des Jacobins from Vanderghinste, Vichtenaar and Duchesse de Bourgogne from Verhaeghe, Petrus Aged Pale, Aged Red and Oud Bruin from De Brabandere.
Beer to Taste brings people from all over the world together that all speak a common language and have the same passion… beer.
From September on you’ll find the dates of Beer to Taste tours. If you are a group (min 14-30p) Beer to Taste will give you a great beer-experience time.